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Water Well Driller

The “Water Well Driller” from Germany are a small but highly specialized company.

In drilling, we are able to work with small drilling technique and for special uses to support deep drilling rigs operating, but the main focus is in the range of private and public water supply from wells.

Wells in industrial areas are one way to reduce water costs and you are independent from the public water supply.

In areas without infrastructure are wells, however usually, the only way to supply clean, drinkable water.

Dug wells (diameter more than 1000mm, depth up to 20m) as well as boreholes (diameter up to 800mm, depth up to 200m) for execution.
The field pumping equipment includes electrically-powered submersible pumps from 3" to 6".
Production rates by 3m ⊃3; up to 50m ⊃3; per hour.

The driving system enables the use of electricity from the public sector as well as solar generators or electrical generators.

Using traditional hand pump is possible up to 24m depth. In addition to the drilling and development work we do more for training local staff, in engineering and technology.

We were working in different lower:

Saudi Arabia

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